December 8, 2017


Event planning is one of my passions. I enjoy every aspect of event planning. I love the ability to be creative through design and décor. I Enjoy the intricacies of putting all the logistics together for a seamless event. I even enjoy the clean up after its all said and done.


Out of all those things, what I enjoy the most would be pleasing my clients. My clients are the reason I’m even in business. I love that I get to meet new people and learn something valuable and personal about their lives. Whether it’s a baby shower for the mother who has been trying for years to get pregnant. Or the CEO who loves the flexibility of his job so that he can take his son to the Ohio State-Michigan game (go Bucks)!


As an event planner, I have the unique opportunity to cultivate relationships. Events only work when more than one person shows up. My job is to make sure that when that occurs, it’s the best and most valuable experience. 


With these things in mind, I ALWAYS strive to go above and beyond for my clients. I take note of little details they share with me and do my very best to add that special touch. Meeting my clients’ expectation is never enough. I literally go for the tears when I do an event, especially the personal ones.


Going for the tears is what I live by, and not just in event planning. Doing “just enough”, is not something I am familiar with. It’s literally not wired in me.  Sometimes I would get burned because I used to expect people to do the same for me. Once I stopped that, my reasoning for going above and beyond returned to doing it because, I know no other way.


I encourage you to GO FOR THE TEARS, in everything you do. Going above and beyond forces you to think outside of the box. It forces you to push your limits. And when done with the right attitude, it will only bring you more good.


Until next time, DR out!



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