Branding Through Events

December 15, 2017


Branding. Branding. BRANDING!!!!

If you are a human who can hear or see, you have learned of this million-dollar idea of branding. Whether you are in business or not, you are a brand. You are a constant representation of yourself or your company. What you allow people to know about you and/ or your company, helps them to clearly recognize you and your company. Branding.


When planning an event of any kind, this is an opportunity to brand yourself or your company. Typically, décor is one of the first things considered when planning an event. Décor is also one of the first ways a person begins branding through their event. Although this is very important to an event and the brand, it is not everything. Here are three things that also play a huge role in branding through your events.


Start Time


The time of day that you plan your event, says a lot about yourself or your company. If your brand is built on supporting stay-at-home mothers, you would normally plan your event during the day time to encourage participants to get out when most convenient. If you are an urban clothing brand, having your launch party at night sets the tone for the style of clothing your selling. It tells your clients that you want them to have a good time, engage in some nightlife, and that you want those who work day jobs to appreciate what your brand has to offer.




What can your event goers expect when they come to your events? If your brand represents building relationships through fun and unique experiences, you might play games and offer unique prizes. If you’re a nightclub, you might want to be known as the club with fresh and new music. You would always be sure to have a DJ that is on top of the new and underground music you know your crowd will love!




The quality of your event is probably the most important element of branding your client will remember. Quality speaks to everything from the seamless flow of your logistics, to the types of prizes you have for your winners. Having a high quality event does require money, but it doesn’t have to require a ton. Quality can be in you starting an event on time, or serving your chips from a bowl instead of a bag. These things are what your attendees pay a lot of attention to. They define you, your company, and your brand by the quality of your event.


I hope these three items will help you to plan an event with not only décor, but with your entire brand in mind. Events are fun and can be an effortless way to build your brand. Happy branding!


Until next time, DR out!

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