Planning basics, for the NON-planner

December 22, 2017

Event planning can be stressful and overwhelming. Most people struggle with where to start, and how to put all the details together. Here, I will give you 5 easy steps to help get through the initial planning process. I call them the 5 W’s.




what type of event is this? This seems like a no brainer but taking the time to clarify this, can help save time and money.




as simple as this sounds, having a clear understanding of why the event is happening, helps with the rest of the planning. If you know why, then the answers to the rest of your questions come a lot easier.




this answer can be two-fold. The “who” will be whom the event is actually for (i.e. the pregnant mother of the baby shower). The “Who” will also be, who are you inviting? Are you inviting family, friends, co-worker, upper executives, etc.




You should have a few dates in mind. the Date won’t be guaranteed until you have your location.




this is the location of the event. With your “what”, “why”, and “who” in mind, these are the things you consider when planning the event. As I said, having a few dates in mind is a great place to start as far as "when", but nothing is set in stone until you lock down a location.


I hope the 5 W’s can help you as much as they’ve helped me. They will give you a good foundation to build the rest of your amazing event on.


Until next time, DR out!

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