5 Unique Children's Party Themes

December 27, 2017


Five Unique Children’s Party Themes for 2018


So 2018 is literally just around the corner! Like, this time next week we will be in 2018! So crazy right?


With the New Year, come new birthdays to be celebrated. If you have children with January, birthdays, I apologize that this is “late” but there’s still time to plan! For those who have a little more time to plan, here are some ideas to help you get a jumpstart on planning this year. Here are five super unique and fun party themes for your child’s upcoming birthday bash!


1. "What’s Your Brand?"


Have each of your guests come dressed in some brand name. Maybe even hold a contest for the best-dressed brand. Have fun with this one. With this one, a brand that could be fun would be Converse or Tommy Hilfiger. Something that is distinct and unique. They could wear the brand or just wear colors representing the brand. It’s a unique twist on a “dress up” party.


2. “When I Grow Up”


This one can be really fun and another unique spin to a “dress up” party. Have the guests come dressed up in the occupation they’d like to work in when they grow up! For older children, you can play trivia games about different occupations or have them “work” their occupation while at the party.


3. "Old movie"


Choose an old movie, and theme your entire party around it. The food, games, even prizes can be themed around a particular movie. Some good theme movies would be, “Wizard Of Oz”, “Annie”, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, “Charlotte’s Web”, “E.T.”, and many more! The possibilities are endless!


4. "Science Is A Wonder!"


Have a party completely focused on science exploration and experimentation, for your scientist! This party can be fun and a learning experience for little explorers. Depending on the activities/experiments you choose, this can be a party for smaller tots all the way up to elementary kids.


5. “Favorite Holiday/Season”


Why not celebrate your favorite holiday/season twice in one year?! This is especially ideal for those kids who may have a winter birth date. Throw a rocking summer luau, complete with a lei, grass skirt, (paper) pal trees!  Or have a “Christmas in July” party! Again, the possibilities are endless with this one. Be creative and think outside the box!


I hope these 5 party ideas help get you started with planning for “Birthday 2018”. Please comment below with any questions and suggestions of other great party themes! Talk to you next year, LOL!!!!



Until Next Time, DR Out! 

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